Oleg Tsvetkov


I am a passionate, methodical, and deeply analytical person. There are no unsolvable tasks or problems for me, and I strive to make any uninteresting task interesting so that it can be solved with pleasure. This allows me to succeed in what I do and keeps me moving forward.

In my work, I strive to provide my teams and each employee with the atmosphere, processes, tools and opportunities to do what they do best. This allows us to constantly move forward and always achieve our goals.

It's important to me to create a valuable and useful product for our clients, whether it's a person, another company or someone else.

I am constantly working on my personal and professional growth, as I believe it is the key to a better future for me and everyone associated with me and my work.

Professional Experience
October 2020 - Present ()
Head of engineering

Atlas Biomed Group Ltd.

Moscow, Russia

Atlas is a biomedical company where we use advanced technologies to create an ecosystem of preventive medicine based on DNA tests, Gut Microbiome tests and digital services.

Our key product is «interpretation» — a combination of research done by our scientists and developments, that allows us to process tests and user data in real-time. All of our interpretation systems created in-house (Python, Go). Results are available for our users in different ways:

  • B2C customers use Personal account on our website (React, Redux, TypeScript), iOS (Swift, Redux) and Android (Kotlin, MVVM) apps, PDF reports (PHP, TCPDF);
  • B2C customers use Partners panel on our website (React, Redux, TypeScript), public API (PHP, Yii2, Rest API, OAuth 2, DDD) and PDF reports (PHP, TCPDF);
  • for B2G customers, we build specific integrations for every case.

Also, we have a website for B2C customers (React, next.js, JavaScript), various services for back-office and infrastructure needs (PHP).

In Atlas a lead the whole development and my key responsibilities are:

  • Lead a department of 5 teams (up to 30 employees, distributed across Eastern Europe and Asia).
  • Hire architect, teamleads, developers and QA.
  • Manage newbies onboarding.
  • Assist teamleads in their management work and provide mentorship.
  • Lead the development of processes we work and communicate in.
  • Provide initial validation of product ideas from an engineering perspective.
  • Define the way company's technology stack evolves, participate in the development of architectural and integration solutions at the intersection of teams and help work out the technical aspects of external integrations.

Key achievements:

  • Built an engineering department with 5 teams and 30 employees in just 4 months, starting with a team of 7 engineers.
  • Built the process of newbie onboarding and successfully onboarded all new employees.
  • Raised 3 middle level teamleads from developers and QA-engineer with a completely different backgrounds.
  • Set up a new engineering processes and continuously evolved it.
  • In 6 months launched completely new product — mobile app with for doctor's appointments, telemedicine (video, audio, and chat), electronic medical records, etc. All of this works on behalf of integrations with various hospitals in different cities.
  • Developed a culture of open and ecological communications within the department.
  • Successfully led the department through the separation into 2 separate businesses and 2 physically separated teams. Helped launch a new company, as well as recruited lost positions in my department in Atlas (5 people in 2 months).
  • Introduced a continuous work on company's infrastructure and technical debt. This led to an introduction of things like request logging and incident management, replacement of obsolete technologies and a number of vendor-locked solutions, updating frameworks, libraries, etc. and the transition of all projects to Docker and k8s.
January 2019 - September 2020 (1 year 9 months)
Backend Teamlead

Atlas Biomed Group Ltd. — Personalised health company

Moscow, Russia

I was leading a team of backend developers working on API for our websites and mobile apps (PHP, Yii2, Symfony, Rest API, OAuth 2, DDD), in-house CRM (PHP, Yii2) and DNA/Microbiome interpretation systems (PHP, Python).

Key responsibilities:

  • Leading a team of 5 backend developers working on 7 in-house projects.
  • Assist teammates in development efforts and provide mentorship.
  • Participation in design and development of company’s IT infrastructure.
  • Develop the DNA interpretation system.
  • Release management.
  • Production incidents management.

Key achievements:

  • Majorly refactored extremely legacy DNA interpretation system.
  • Reengineered process of DNA and Microbiome interpretation systems development to reduce bugs in results we give to our customers (it's a very sensitive information).
  • Migrated company infrastructure from bare-metal to the cloud (AWS and Yandex.Cloud).
  • Set up a CI/CD processes for a majority of backend projects.
  • Introduced autotesting to the development process and built a process for continuously increasing the test coverage of all projects.
  • High quality of releases. Only 1% of all releases led to fix within 24 hours and 3% to the fix in less than a 1 week. All this without QA team.
  • Hired 3 PHP developers of middle and senior levels. As for 07 March 2022 all of them still works for the company (3 years, 2 years and 1,5 years respectively). One person got promoted to a teamlead position.
July 2017 - December 2018 (1 year 6 months)
Backend Developer

Atlas Biomed Group Ltd. — Personalised health company

Moscow, Russia

Key staff I was doing:

  • Design and develop a API for our new Mobile application using “Backend Driven UI” pattern.
  • Design and develop a API for new B2B application.
  • Participation in development of the DNA interpretation system.
  • Participation in design of the new Perspective Data Interpretation System.
  • Some of DevOps staff.

API for Mobile application and B2B application was built using Backend for Frontend pattern with a usage of PHP, Yii2, Redis, Rabbit MQ и Codeception. While designing this project I used various patterns from DDD.

October 2015 - July 2017 (1 year 10 months)

Blogun — an advertisement exchange with media, bloggers, journals, etc on one side and advertisers on another.

Moscow, Russia

Key responsibilities:

  • Leading the development of the whole service with a team of 1 product owner, 1 QA, 1 backend developer and 1 frontend developer.
  • Designing the major rewrite of the service.
  • Actively developing backend using PHP, MySQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, Rest API.
  • DevOps
September 2008 - April 2018 (9 years 8 months)

Net4ALL.RU — a community based on our own game servers in various games of Counter-Strike franchise. It began as a hobby and evolved in a quite big project.

Moscow, Russia

Key staff I was doing:

  • Created the whole community from the scratch and led it for almost 10 years.
  • Managed a team of "server admins" — someone like community moderators and product managers in one person. There were up to 50 "admins" with managers.
  • Maintained project’s infrastructure (websites, gameservers, etc).
  • Developed websites for accounting and realtime management of gameservers.
  • Developed modifications for gameservers. The key challenge here was that gameserver is a single-threaded application and the resources of even the most powerful processors on the market were not enough to support all desired features.
  • Mentor 2 developers.
Personal Projects
2020 - Present

Display My IP — macOS app that displays your IP in menu bar

  • Developed the app.
2016 - Present

PushAll.RU — Instant notification service

  • Developed iOS app.
  • Developed Wordpress plugin.
Academic Background
2015 - 2017
M.S., Computer science

MAI - Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University)

Moscow, Russia

2011 - 2015
B.S., Computer science

MATI - Russian State Technological University named after K.E. Tsiolkovsky

Moscow, Russia

Additional Education
Async Architecture

Fedor Borshev School, Online course

Completed units:

Intro in async systems, Events and data models design with Event Storming technique, Message brokers, Schema evolution, Analytics and testing in distributed systems

Management in IT

PSY v IT, Online course

Completed units:

Self-representation, Employee motivation, Employee development, Fears of managers, Conflict management, Communicating with complicated persons, Work-life balance, Negotiations and Coaching teams

2019 - 2020
Teamlead, Stratoplan 9.0

Stratoplan, Online course

Completed units:

Constructive confrontation, Negotiations & Conflicts, Task management, Business communications, Overview of project management, AGILE, Employee motivation and Team composition

Teamlead in development

Devleads School, Moscow, Russia

Completed units:

Self-representation, Developers hiring, Conflict management, Employee motivation, Employee development, Becoming a teamlead and Work-life balance

Core team management skills
  • Staffing and team composition
  • 1:1s
  • Employee development
  • Team management on daily basis
  • Management of on-site and fully remote teams
  • Management of development team up to 7 employees
  • Management of managers
  • Management of department with up to 30 employees
  • Review and improvement of engineering processes
  • GTD
Software development skills
  • PHP, Codeception, Docker, CI/CD
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite
  • DDD
  • Microservices, Monoliths, BFF and a little bit of asynchronous architecture
  • Used to work with Symfony 4, Yii2, Zend Framework 2, Wordpress, xenForo and OpenCart
  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS, Go, Python, Bash, Swift (iOS and macOS development), C/C++
Language skills
  • Russian – native
  • English – advanced (C1)